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Catch one of these great themes on FOX Classics!

  1. Battlefront Heroes Week

    <!--C-->Battlefront Heroes Week

    Over five nights, Graeme Blundell will present a collection of combat classics. Battlefront Heroes Week. Starts Monday 21st April at 8.35pm AEST on FOX Classics. READ MORE

  2. Under Fire Week

    <!--D-->Under Fire Week

    FOX Classics is bringing you five classic conflicts in one week - Under Fire Week. Starts Monday, April 7 at 8.35pm EST.

  3. A Month of Oscar 2014

    <!--E-->A Month of Oscar 2014

    FOX Classics is is inviting you to spend a month where the greatest stories are told. 148 Academy Awards, 50 films, 1 Channel. Join us for a month long celebration as FOX Classics honours those films worthy of cinematic accolade.

  4. Best of British Block

    <!--Z-->Best of British Block

    For those looking for an easy Sunday night, there is no better place than the Best of British Block on FOX Classics. From 8pm every Sunday, we bring you the greatest classic comedy series to ever come out of Britain. READ MORE

  5. Rock Hudson Trivia

    <!--Za-->Rock Hudson Trivia

    Are you a Rock Hudson fan? Think you know everything there is to know? Test your Rock Hudson knowledge here! PLAY IT HERE

  6. Gangster Movie Trivia

    <!--Zb-->Gangster Movie Trivia

    Do you know your Corleone family tree? or which famous line was spoken by Tony Montana? Play our Gangster Movie Trivia to test your skills!

  7. 2013 OSCARS Trivia

    <!--Zc-->2013 OSCARS Trivia

    Don't miss all three rounds of our 2013 OSCARS Trivia! Play them HERE

  8. Which Cowboy Are You?

    <!--Zd-->Which Cowboy Are You?

    When you hit the dusty trail, are you the silent hero, a man of peace forced into violence? Or do you find yourself only thinking of number one? Play our latest trivia game, "Which Cowboy Are You?", to find out which classic film cowboy you most relate to! PLAY GAME

Classic Movies Under Fire Week - Stars April 7 on FOX Classics Bill Collins presents the Golden Years of Hollywood

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