Hogan’s Heroes

Hogan’s Heroes a popular American television sitcom, which showcases inmates of a German World War II prisoner of war camp. Bob Crane stars as Colonel Robert E. Hogan, who runs a Special Operations group from within the camp, made up of international crew of Allied prisoners. Alongside Werner Klemperer who stars as Colonel Wihelm Klint, the inadequate commandant of the camp, and John Banner who stars as Hans Schultz, the inept sergeant of the guard.

Hogan’s Heroes is set at Stalag Luft 13 in a prisoner of war camp, and is housed by allied prisoners of war (POWs) airmen from the town of Hammelburg. The first season saw 103 POW’s take residence at the camp, later this number increases. The series is set in the winter months, where you often see patches of snow on buildings and on the ground, and the prisoners are often staged around a campfire and often seen shivering through roll call, indicating the colder climate.

Hogan’s Heroes follows the lives of prisoners of war (POWs) who are using the camp as a base for espionage and sabotage against Nazi Germany, as well as to assist Affiliated POWs from other camps and defectors to escape Germany. The prisoners work in collaboration with an array of resistance groups (collectively called “the Underground”), defectors, spies, counterspies and disloyal officers. The intellect behind the entire operation is the senior ranking prisoner US Army Air Forces Colonel Robert Hogan. His staff of experts in covert operations comprises of two Americans, one British serviceman, and one Frenchman. They are able to achieve arrangements such as having a prisoner visit the camp as a phony Adolf Hitler or rescuing a French Underground agent from Gestapo headquarters in Paris. The show is a collection of several writing styles, which were popular in the 60s: the wartime show, the spy show, and camp comedy.