Father Ted

One small island off the west coast of Ireland. Three priests. One housekeeper. A bunch of nuns – and the most consistently awful weather on the planet. Welcome to the world of Father Ted!

Father Ted Crilly is an Irish priest who lives in a parochial house on possibly the worst place on Earth, Craggy Island which is situated off the west coast of Ireland. He doesn’t live alone though. Living with him is Father Jack Hackett, an old priest with an alcohol problem and a particular liking for the words: arse, drink, girls and feck.

The third and final priest who lives with him is Father Dougal Mcguire, a relatively young… and very dim priest. How he got into the priest hood is a mystery. And of course, every priest needs “a nice cup of tea” so they have a housekeeper, Mrs. Doyle. She’s unique in every way and a one off, (which is probably a good thing). what she lacks in a life, she makes up in tea.

Father Ted, Monday – Friday at 5pm, on Fox Classics