Only Fools and Horses

Del, Rodney and Grandad Trotter live in a high-rise council flat in Nelson Mandela House, Peckham, South East London. When their mother died, Del promised to look after little Rodney and he has been true to his word ever since, even if Rodney is now over six feet tall. Del dreams of the high life. He really believes that one day he will make a million, but in the meantime he runs Trotters Independent Traders, which deals in goods that have fallen off the back of a lorry.

No salesman, Rodney’s job is to keep an eye out for the law. But “plonker” Rodney’s eye is too easily distracted by any tasty female that comes his way. Besides, he aspires to greater things. If Del has trouble selling his wares, he has a ready market down the Nag’s Head, his local pub, where the landlord and regulars – gormless Trigger, smarmy car salesman Boycie and co – know better than to question the origins of any bargains that come their way.

Del fancies himself as a bit of a playboy, but his transport (a clappedout three-wheeler van) tends to cramp his style. And if he takes a bird back home, there’s always Rodney and Grandad ready to lower the atmosphere. But Del’s most endearing trait is his tendency to go over the top: misquoting foreign phrases, drinking exotic cocktails and always a sucker for anything flash.

David Jason as Del-boy has a very special place in British viewers’ hearts and each character has become as well-known to fans as their own family and friends. Only Fools And Horses has won 13 top comedy awards, including two Best Comedy BAFTAs, and for his portrayal of Del, David Jason has received nine personal awards – making a total of 22 awards in all. The programme is so popular that the 1990 Christmas Day Special topped the ratings, beating even ET.