Some Mothers Do Ave Em

Frank Spencer is wellmeaning, naive and enthusiastic… He’s also incompetent and accident-prone. If he doesn’t create them, disasters seek him out!

This was the role which made Michael Crawford famous. Lovable idiot Frank Spencer with his trademark beret and catchphrase “Ooh Betty!” has been imitated by countless impressionists, and repeats of favourite episodes are still being requested by fans 30 years after they were first transmitted.

The series, a mixture of slapstick and character comedy, is now a classic. This highly visual comedy centres on everyday situations and the extreme catastrophes that arise from the slightest misjudgements – and poor Frank is the master of misjudgement. In fact, Frank is the ultimate incompetent, a universal and timeless clown-like figure, for whom if anything can go wrong, it will. No wonder he either infuriates everyone he meets or gives them a nervous breakdown.

Michele Dotrice plays Frank’s longsuffering and ever-understanding wife, Betty, gently trying to protect Frank from himself, and daughter Jessica from him. Michael did all his own stunts, including hanging from a church tower, rollerskating whilst clinging to the back of a double-decker bus, and some hair raising exploits up high in an aeroplane.