The Good Life

One of the most popular British sitcoms of it’s day, The Good Life follows Tom and Barbara Good as they attempt to escape the rat race to start a farm in Surbiton.

Self-sufficiency? In suburbia? You must be joking!

Tom and Barbara Good are an average couple who live in Surbiton, a quiet, upmarket suburb of London. Next door live their best friends, Jerry and Margo Leadbetter. Both men work at JJM Limited, a company that makes novelty toys for cereals.They started out together as draughtsmen, but Jerry is now in an executive, while Tom languishes in the design room with colleagues half his age. Margo and Barbara are both housewives.

Two normal couples, living a normal suburban life – until the big 4-0.Tom wakes up to the realisation that his life is going nowhere and decides to drop out of the rat-race and become self-sufficient.Turn the garden into a vegetable patch and keep hens, pigs and goats. Use the dung for electricity and the produce to barter. Money will be very tight, work will often be back-breaking and they will have to go without luxuries. Amazingly, Barbara agrees. At first the Ledbetters are horrified.What on earth will it do to property prices? Let alone Margo’s social ambitions? But though they may not approve, they stand by them, even lending a hand when times get rough – as they often do.

The Good Life, Monday – Friday 7.25pm on Fox Classics